"UPDATE 2022"

If you are frustrated for not being able to win at online roulette regularly, but would like to change the odds in your favor, then perhaps you should consider reading in full the content of this site and about my personal experience as a successful roulette player.

Trust me, winning at Roulette is easier than you think!

Well, I had never been much passionate about gambling and neither fortunate in general with games in my life, until I had the chance to be directly involved for over a decade in the online gambling industry in a part of the world that is home to most of the world's best licensed online casinos, being the island of Malta, in the Mediterranean sea of southern Europe.

During my time as an employee in Malta I had the chance to become extremely familiar with how things work in the igaming industry, and in turn that subsequently helped me to financially change my life and return to my beautiful country to enjoy the knowledge I had gained over there.

To cut a long story short, I have acquired an evergreen knowledge that combined with important technical igaming software analysis tools that I have, I am in a position to work out how to best play against the roulette of some online casinos that unknowingly from their side present me the opportunity to do so. I said “some” online casinos, but NOT all of them. That would be nice if I could :-))

Basically, although no one has ever developed a winning system that works 100% of times against roulette, with my technical analysis I have reached a winning ratio of 97.3% in the online casinos where I currently play. I do enjoy regular winnings with an incredible roulette system I have developed and that is absolutely legal, but that would probably not be allowed if played continuously in land-based casinos.

As I already said above, I do play roulette successfully thanks to a self-made strategy. Yes, the exact roulette winning system I am about to reveal here now!!! For FREE!!!


I state and would like to clarify that the undersigned, although being the author of the system, does not assume any responsibility for any loss of money and / or for any use other than the educational one, regarding the application of the system contained in this site. I do not promise and do NOT guarantee winnings to anyone as everything is based solely on my personal experience. If you decide to apply the information by playing real money, you remain solely responsible for the progress of your account. By continuing to read the site, you are accepting these terms.

I have spent many months of my life and lots of sleepless nights to figure out how to find the weak point of various roulette games software. Therefore, with my roulette strategy I have found out that it's possible to beat some of them by continuously playing a specific sequence of some set numbers that allow the player to gain recurring winnings. I am not rich and probably will never be, but by playing this strategy it is almost impossible not to win!!! At least, that's what happens to me most of the times when I play. Anyway, to become rich by playing roulette is probably not the best way to go on, but if you are looking into that then you should try your luck by buying tickets of national lotteries around the world.

Therefore, if someone who is reading this has experienced some sort of disappointment by playing roulette as a loser, the “Roulette Killer System” is probably the best chance for you to try again and hopefully recover the losses you have suffered, and possibly start making your way to your bank with a smile on your face.

If you follow the system without changing anything, and have the financial possibility to place bets of at least €/$ 1 (One) in value on each chip required by the betting strategy, then you will have the potential to gain excellent winnings per each playing session of let's say, a couple of hours a day playing at an online roulette. 

In just a few years I have been able to clearly understand  how the igaming world works, from both sides: as an employee first, and as an independent professional player after. I enjoy myself a lot playing from the comfort of my home, at my own pace, without having to go to fulfill any work schedule as when I was an employee, knowing that I can buy what I want without looking at the price tag anymore!

So, how does The Roulette Killer System system work?



So, let's start.

According to the 36 numbers in the roulette wheel, through the continuous tests I have performed, I have discovered an almost infallible betting a combination of some numbers that are always the same and NEVER change; In addition, this method is very simple and therefore easy to understand even by those who are not expert roulette players.

Below is clearly explained how this winning system works:

By making the roulette wheel spin, I wait until for (2-3) TWO/THREE consecutive times none of the numbers shown below come up, and only then I start betting.

Then I place 10 CHIPS on the table, as you see in the picture below and I start the first bet by making the roulette wheel spin:

This should give me a win, but if I lose, all I do is to double the value of the bet until I win and then start all over again.

However, unfortunately, as I have already explained above, this system does not work well as it should at all online casinos, furthermore some sites in the past have also shut down my account and one even refused to pay my winnings!

But, this doesn't happen in the casinos where I currently play now, and that I continuously monitor with the best statistical software in the field of probability that I have, and that have nothing to do with luck, although that's also and always much welcome by any player at any casino.

Therefore, not being solely a matter of luck, but of real fact, for this reason it is strongly advisable to those who want to try this system, to do it PREFERABLY in the sites encoded with the numbers listed below:

The system has to be played ONLY at the French or European roulette because they have one zero, and NOT at the American roulette that has two zeros.

Be aware though that should you choose a roulette that does not allow the roulette wheel to spin unless you have placed a bet, in this case all you have to do is simply to place one chip on the red and one chip on the black, (or even/odd) and there it goes!

Of course, if it happens that the "zero" comes out you will lose your bet, but although this is rare, it can obviously happen sometimes. Honestly, don't worry about losing one chip, you'll have plenty of chances to earn big if you follow the above instructions without messing about or changing anything.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that, if you play the system in the above casinos, in my personal experience, the maximum number of consecutive spins that you can lose your bet is 5 (five) consecutive times – although this happens very rarely. Only once I experienced a negative trend of seven consecutive losing bets in a casino in which I don't play anymore, but that was a bad experience that has never repeated itself again.

That's why it is highly recommended to have a decent amount of capital to start playing safely, and although I normally have a capital base of €1.000 in each casino where I play, I suggest to start with no less than €/$300/400 as first deposit, because this will have double benefits on your account:

  1. First, you don't put yourself at risk of being weak should a long negative sequence happen, although very rare.
  2. Secondly, the more money you deposit the first time when you sign-up as customer, the more money you will probably get as a FREE welcome bonus in the online casino you decide to register – Usually they offer up to 100% bonus. This way, you will play with their money while keeping yours safe!

Online casinos do this to excite new players, knowing that most of them will lose their money shortly after (as it's usually the case with slot machines players) but unfortunately for them, it's not the same in our case... :-)

Surely now you might be asking yourself: Is that all? Yes, that is all. 

It is very, very simple.

But what you see as simple now, has cost the undersigned months of hard work and years of continuous tests to be able to experience a winning ratio of 97.3% of the times I play the system!

Another advice I would like to give you is to STOP playing after winning about €/$400/500 in each casino. It is better to change casino and return to it after a few days.

Therefore, once more my main advice is:



I usually cash out once I reach between * €1.000/1.500 of winnings in each casino, that's because I don't want them to see my name appearing for amounts that exceed €2.000 for each withdrawal as this might raise their attention because they don't like serial winners of substantial amounts. Of course they do pay. They must pay customer's winnings!!! These are legal licensed online casinos, authorized by law!

* Past winnings cannot be considered indicative of future winnings.

Therefore, don't worry about getting paid because 


Finally, why am I making public my roulette system by revealing it to others, when I could keep it secretly for myself and forever?

The reason is that the more people play the same system, which I repeat is LEGAL, the less likely I run the risk of being spotted and eventually banned by the online casinos where I play. They could do this with a stupid excuse and get rid of an undesired customer for playing the same system over and over again and that produces losses for the casinos. When in the past an online casino closed my account, I continued to play there by using a new account under my wife's name... but for me that's the past.

If you follow the above instructions precisely, you register with your real name and address and do not try to cheat by any means, there is absolutely NO reason why the above should not work for you as it does for me.

Therefore, should you wish to put the above know-how you have just learnt into action I wish you good luck!

Oh, by the way, my roulette winning system has nothing to do with luck!!!


P.S. To cashout fast my winnings I use the service of SKRILL e-wallet:



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